My First Blog Post!

Hello World.

The name of this blog is “A Day in the Life” for two reasons. The first is mostly literal and since this is a photography blog, and I’m a photographer, it’s only appropriate for me to give you the backstory on each image. Secondly, and probably not as important, is that I’m a big fan of The Beatles since I was a kid…come to think of it, I probably got turned on to both photography and The Beatles at about the same time. I was 9.

So, what to talk about? Other than photography, what else does one use a blog for? This is largely an experiment…and on one hand, it’s to see if I can still write without boring the snot out of my readers, and on the other hand, we’ll see if the content is relevant and engaging. If I fail on any of these fronts, please feel free to let me know and hopefully I can improve.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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